11 Facts about the White House

As it becomes even more clear this week that President Trump is settling in at his new job, here are eleven facts about his new house:

1. The White House was designed by an Irish architect named James Hoban.

Image result for James Hoban

2. Until President Theodore Roosevelt officially named the building ‘The White House’ in 1901, it was known as ‘The President’s Palace’ or the ‘Executive Mansion’.

Image result for White House 1901

3. There are a variety of recreational facilities within the White House including a bowling lane, tennis court, cinema and running track. 

Image result for white house movie theater

4. It takes 570 gallons of paint to cover the outside surface of the White House. 

Image result for The White House

5. George Washington never lived there. 

Image result for George Washington

6. On Inauguration Day, White House staff only have 12 hours to move in a new President’s belongings. 

Image result for WHite House

7. Slaves were used in its construction.

Image result for White House Construction

8. There is an exact replica in  McLean, Virginia.

Image result for The White House Mclean Virginia

9.When Winston Churchill visited The White House, he claimed to have seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.

Image result for Winston Churchill in the White House

10. Its design is based on Leinster House, the seat of the Irish Parliament.

Image result for leinster house

11. It receives almost 6,000 visitors each day.

Image result for White House visitors


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