Dog Meat in South Korea

WARNING: This article contains graphic details of dog abuse and graphic accounts of dog meat consumption. Some readers may find this distressing.


The consumption of dog meat in South Korea, where it is known as “Gaegogi” has a long history. It is said to have originated around 57AD. In recent years it has become very controversial in South Korea due to Animal Rights and sanitary concerns.

Dog meat consumption can be traced all the way back to neolithic Korea where dog bones were excavated in the settlement of Changnyeong.

In the Goguryeo Tombs Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage site which dates from 4th century AD, a wall painting depicts a slaughtered dog in a store house.


One thought on “Dog Meat in South Korea

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    ROK needs a neuter and spay program of animals. If dog meat is desirable, then the South Korean government should ask the US Government for coyotes. The coyotes are a pest in America, and once culled, the meat is wasted. I had wanted to ask Korean restaurants if the wanted coyote so as not to waste the animal meat if I were to hunt coyotes in earnest. Coyotes are natural fed and free ranging. The meat yield would be greater than most domestic dog breeds. The cost and supply of coyotes would be more reasonable and abundant, than trying to abscond with domestic dogs, and probably in healthier condition than feral dogs.

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