Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival: Explained

Already today in the city of Yulin, Guangxi, China cats and dogs are being butchered for the notorious meat festival. Batches of stolen Cats and Dogs are being brought to butchers in cheap wire cages and inhumanely skinned, boned and sold in restaurants at cheap prices. Yulin’s number one dog meat restaurant sells “crispy dog meat” at 2 euro a half kilogram.

Pictures are beginning to surface on the internet of butchers chopping up the fresh “meat” and preparing it to the customers satisfaction whether it be deep-fried or barbecued. An article in the dailymail details the inhumane acts of the butchers.

“Dogs who survive the trip in the filthy pens they are transported in are clubbed over the head and have their throat cut open before being thrown into boiling water, the butcher then plucks all the hair, removes the organs and puts the dog on the grill”

Xi Hai added “you tell the chef how you like it to be cooked, they will do it… there are many ways to cook dog meat just as one would cook pork in China. For example, braised dog meat in soy sauce, dog casseroles and deep-fried crispy dogs.

“There are three to four big dog meat restaurants in Yulin such as one called Yulin No.1 Crispy Dog Meat and each of these restaurants can seat 200 to 300 customers.”

While protesters all over the world are beginning to discover the stomach turning act of cruelty in Yulin, city officials are telling slaughter-house workers to only kill animals “in the cover of darkness”. Restaurants are also being told to remove dog meat signage.

While petitions are being signed all across the globe, the slaughter-house workers, chefs and animal catchers of Yulin continue to inhumanely using barbaric methods murder stolen domestic animals and eat them.

“Humanity’s true mortal test, its fundamental test….  consists of its attitude to those who are at its mercy: animals.” – Milan Kundera


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