Best Locations in Ireland – Part 1

Ireland is possibly one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Amazing landscapes, historical locations, castles and much more. This list will give you some of the best locations to visit on the breathtaking island that is Ireland.

The Cliffs of Moher – Clare

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The great cliffs of moher are Ireland’s most visited natural attraction. They stretch for 5 miles and reach 702 feet. They are part of The Wild Atlantic Way , a world famous coastal route that spans seven counties. The cliffs have been featured in many movies including Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince, Blind Pass, The Guns of Navarone and The Mackintosh Man. The cliffs are a must see for any tourist young or old!

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Newgrange – Meath

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Newgrange is one of the best known passage tombs in the world. It is older then the Pyramids and Stonehenge. The huge mound covers the tomb which consists of a long passage and a cross-shaped chamber. During the Winter Solstice the passage is lit up by sunlight delivering one of the most beautiful sights to be seen in Ireland.

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The Millennium Spire – O’Connell Street, Dublin

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The Millennium Spire (also known as the spire of Dublin) stands on the site of former Nelsons Pillar which was blown up by Irish Republicans in 1966. It is a huge stainless steel needle that stands at 398 feet. The construction of the pillar was complete in 2003. The project had mixed reception, some saying it had no connection to the city’s culture. Nevertheless the spire (nicknamed the spike and the stiletto) is a must see for anyone visiting Dublin.

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The Burren – Clare

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The Burren in County Clare is a huge karst landscape. The rolling hills are composed of limestone pavements with criss-crossing cracks known as grikes and isolated rocks called clints. The Burren is truly beautiful and must be seen.

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Glasnevin Cemetery – Dublin

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Glasnevin Cemetery was opened in 1832. Before this time Catholic people did not have anywhere to bury their dead as a result of Penal Law. The outcry prompted Daniel O’Connell to launch a campaign to open a cemetery for people of all religions to bury their dead. To this day the tradition stays the same. Many famous Irish legends lie here including Micheal Collins, a leader during the Irish War for Independence. Others include Eamon de Velera, James Larkin and Charles Stewart Parnell.

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Croagh Patrick – Mayo

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Croagh Patrick in County Mayo is place of ancient history and St. Patrick’s sacred place. It is considered Ireland’s holiest mountain. Many people climb the mountain as pilgrimage and some even climb in their bare feet. At the summit there is a modern chapel where mass is held and confessions are heard. The magnificent few of Clew Bay can also be seen from the summit.

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“Your feet will take you where your heart is”

Irish Proverb

Part 2 coming soon.


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